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About Us

Hello and welcome to the PREHATIT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (PACDOC) website ! I am Mr TOUN BORAN, the director of the orphanage / CENTER. Let me introduce you my project…

About History…

During the Khmer Rouge Empire from 1970 to 1979, Pol Pot and his troops collected all the people in the town and forced them into hard labor in the countryside. Almost 3.000.000 persons were killed during this period, in other words about one quarter of the entire population of Cambodia ! On 7th January 1979 Vietnamese and Cambodian armies were able to help Cambodian people who have live through the Pol Pot regime.

About my history…

In 1982 I joined the Cambodian army, where I worked until 1997. However, I was unhappy with the political factions in Cambodia at that time and because of that I resigned from the army.

I returned to my first job (tailoring) and I also opened my own laundry (I was self-employed).

During two years I became very aware of the extent to which families and children without parents were living in extreme poverty. I realized there was – and indeed still is – a huge need for help those persons who live without the essential basics needed to sustain life.

In 1999 I decided to make a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that had no association with any political party.

About the orphanage…

I began with an organization based in Phnom Penh which served to encourage agriculture and education, but sadly this venture failed in 2007 because of lack of finance. After that,

I moved to Siem Reap and founded PACDOC, an orphanage for orphans, poor and street children who their parents are unable to take care of them.

We lived on a rental land during 7 years and in 2014 we finally moved to my own land and I changed the name of the NGO from PACDOC to CAMBODIA TRAINING SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN (CTS).

Our house is now located at Lolei Village, about 15kms from Siem Reap city center, on National Road 6 to Phnom Penh. We are living about 100m before the famous Lolei Temple.

The CTS is a registered non-profit NGO school for poor, homeless and orphan children from poverty families at Siem Reap province. This orphanage / school was established in 2014 and is a registered non-profit NGO school.

At CTS, we believe everyone is equal and each person is worthy of the chance to having a better way of life. As one who received a chance and has succeeded due to support,

I know how valuable chances are.

The purpose of our programme is to give to these vulnerable children that same opportunity, by contributing and assisting them in their efforts.

I started to build the TCC on 30 06. 2014, and I hope this CENTER will be big enough to teach up to 100 students.

The project will be complete hopefully in 5 years but it depends on the amount of donations we can find.

There are still 25 children learning at the school, with an on-going programme for continued development, the children still depend absolutely on the generosity and compassion of passing tourists to provide their daily food, clothing, school expenses and all other basic needs.

In our NGO, our salaries are not paid, everyone is a volunteer and each person who lives here receives his board and lodging. Adults and children share the same basic but healthy life-style, and everybody eat the same simple but nutritious meals.

We fulfill the basic rights to food, shelter, protection and education for the 25 children living with us but we can only do that through generous donation.

We welcome all volunteers who want to visit and learn more about our children and we are also reliant on financial help and donations.

Regular donations can be targeted to first needs of one specific child by way of child sponsorship. We currently have some children who are part of our child sponsorship scheme and are looking to expand in order to allow for more of our children to benefit from this.

We are struggling to find sponsorship for running costs of the school project, making the provision of these things difficult. So we are fully reliant on visitors to offer assistance at TCC and help in whatever way they can.